Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story: A Black Dagger Brotherhood Novella

Father Mine: Zsadist and Bella's Story A Black Dagger Brotherhood Novella - J. R. Ward This is the second time that I have read through this Novella. I won't even tell you how many times that I have read through most of the series. Let's just say, I have a serious addiction to the BDB Boys. I'd become concerned, but I am in very good company. I have my favorite books in the series, but not really a favorite Brother. I do have to admit that Zsadist is one who gets to me. I loved him in Lover Awakened and he has continued to touch me with his love and devotion to Bella since then. I thought that he couldn't get to me any more, but boy, was I wrong.If you've read through the series and want something extra that is well worth the read, don't deny yourself Father Mine. There really aren't any words to describe the feelings that this story evokes. It pulls at every heart string available and keeps tugging. I'm really not exaggerating here. It's a story I know that I will be reading again. It wasn't just Zsadist that made this story worthwhile. I loved how Bella was treated by Ward. It was great to get to know her a little better and also to get little tidbits from the other characters. You saw sides of all of them that were like private little tidbits and made me want even more. One of my favorite interactions in this story was near the end. It was a 'conversation' between Bella and Nalla that was so spot on with what a mother would say to an exasperated young child. It simply made me smile. Perfect!Even though Father Mine is a quick read, it packs a whole lot of emotion in a short amount of time. I'd recommend it to anyone who has read through the series. If you want to read it in order, I think it comes right after Phury's book, Lover Enshrined.