City Mouse: Country Mouse Series, Book 2

City Mouse - Amy Lane, Aleksandr Voinov I received City Mouse from the Publisher in exchange for a fair and honest review. This one was even more fun than Country Mouse. Why, well for one thing, readers got to know these two characters a little bit better and for another, it was just fun watching Malcolm totally crumble. I know, I’m totally cruel.Country Mouse was totally centered around Owen and Malcolm and them getting to know each other. There were other characters involved but they were mostly just mentioned. There was little or no interaction between anyone except for Malcolm and Owen. City Mouse changed all that. It was time for the couple to tackle the real world and see what life would really be like as a couple. I loved the knew characters and the way that those characters interacted with Owen and Malcolm. It gave readers a true sense of who these men really were.I loved Malcolm’s vulnerability in City Mouse. He really had no clue how to be in a relationship. He ended up doing all the wrong things, but ironically for the right reasons. He didn’t think he deserved Owen and he spent most of his time trying to figure out how to insure that they would both survive when the relationship came to its ultimate end. Yeah, Malcolm wasn’t very optimistic. Owen, on the other hand, knew the odds were against them, but he also felt that they were worth the fight. He saw Malcolm for who he was, but he still loved him. I loved that about Owen. Actually, there wasn’t much that I didn’t love about Owen. *sigh*This book was just a few chapters long and they were divided by weeks. The titles matched the obstacles that they were faced with during each week. Once again Owen’s mother played a quiet but important role in this story. I loved her too. Her quirky observations and motherly advice were a huge part of what made Owen who he was. I also loved Owen’s new co-workers. They added some dimension to the story and their perception of Malcolm was priceless.I’m really glad that I got this glimpse into the next phase of Owen and Malcolm’s relationship. I don’t know if their story is over or if the authors plan on giving us a glimpse into their future. Even though this was a satisfying end, I wouldn’t mind seeing where this couple ends up.