Whitetail Rock (Whitetail Rock, #1)

Whitetail Rock (Whitetail Rock, #1) - Anne Tenino After I started reading 'Too Stupid to Live' I found out that a few key characters (well actually most of the characters) were first introduced in the two novellas that make up the 'Whitetail Rock' series. Once I found that out, I actually started 'Whitetail Rock' before I even finished 'Too Stupid to Live.' It wasn't because I wasn't enjoying getting to know Ian and Sam, it was more because I wanted to see what I was missing and take the opportunity to get to know Nik and Jurgen better. I'm so glad that I got side tracked. One thing I love about Anne Tenino, aside from the humor and romance, is her characters. They are all semi-broken, even the strong ones. They're also smart, witty and lovable. Nik and Jurgen were no exception. The other thing that I like about the characters are the supporting cast and crew. They are just as important in the lives of the main characters as their significant others. They offer friendship, advice, honesty, a shoulder to cry on and a shove in the right direction. I could have read all of 'Too Stupid to Live' and not have noticed anything lacking, but I can also honestly recommend picking up the 'Whitetail Rock' novellas first. If you're curious, the 'Whitetail Rock' novellas are both offered FREE by the author. How can you possibly say no to that? They not only introduce you to Nik and Jurgen but they also introduce Ian and Sam to readers for the first time. Sam is just as adorable and funny in 'Whitetail Rock' as he is in 'Too Stupid to Live.' If you're like me and didn't even know that these novellas existed before you started 'Too Stupid to Live,' it's still worth picking them up just to get to see more of all of these characters. Consider it a reading bonus ;)I downloaded 'Whitetail Rock' from Anne Tenino's website in March of 2013 and read it as part of the 2013 'Why Buy the Cow' Reading Challenge.