Where Nerves End

Where Nerves End - L.A. Witt Yes, I am well aware of the fact that I am writing the review for Book 1 of this series after I’ve already reviewed books 2-5. I didn’t skip the review, honest. I just skipped reading it until I had already read the rest of the books in the series. Hey, it happens. The good news is, other than not meeting these characters from the beginning of their relationship, skipping this book didn’t confuse me at all. It does, however, set the stage and introduce a lot of the other characters so it’s probably best to start at the beginning. It’s another one of those ‘do as I say, not as I do moments.’ *sigh*Regardless of when you read it, this book is a great addition to the Tucker Springs series. I really liked the characters and as usual, the supporting characters are included in that group. They are as important in most of these stories as the main characters. I think what I like most about Tucker Springs is not only the sense of community but the sense of family and support.I loved the struggle between these two characters as much as I wanted to lock them in a room together and make them talk. The reasons that they weren’t together were valid, but the torture that they put each other through was heartbreaking to watch. The book was told from Jason’s POV which worked because Michael’s feelings were a mystery. I liked not knowing what was going on with him until it was revealed to Jason.One of the things that struck me most about Where Nerves End was Michael’s son. A lot of times when a child is included in an adult book the character is just there to be there. I know I’m not explaining it well, but I think you may know what I mean. It’s easy to make them or see them as just a prop or device to add something to the story. Granted, he wasn’t around a lot, but when he was, I liked the way his character was handled. He was a true addition to the story and the scenes that he was included. L.A. Witt’s description of his actions and his dialogue was pretty much what you would expect from a bright kid his age. One of my favorite quotes in this one actually came from Dylan, but since it’s near the end I don’t want to share it. Trust me though, if you read the book, when you get to it, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about.So after finishing this book I’m currently at the end of my Tucker Springs journey. I really hope that there is more to come though. *fingers crossed*