Dead Ever After: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel (Sookie Stackhouse/True Blood)

Dead Ever After - Charlaine Harris Well, that’s it… it’s over. *sigh* I really loved this series and I’m kinda sad to say goodbye to everyone. Of course, I can still catch up with them on HBO via TrueBlood, but it’s not the same. Which brings me to a very valid point, it’s not the same because the characters aren’t the same. Sure, they have the same names and a lot of the same characteristics, but they aren’t the same. I like them both in different ways for what they are, but doing side by side comparisons to them is just not fair. Even though the TV series is based on the books (the key word here is ‘based’) they were essentially created by different people. There’s HBO’s version and Charlaine Harris’ version and other than some obvious similarities they went their separate ways. That became fairly obvious when Lafayette survived beyond the first season. I love the fact that the writers decided that he should stick around. It was a perfect step in turning the TrueBlood world into an alternate world inching away from the books. That’s just my opinion, so take it for what it’s worth, but I do think that the fact that I kept the two separate helped in my acceptance of the course the book series ultimately took. That and the fact that I never really was ‘team’ anyone. I usually don’t pick ‘teams.’ I’d rather go with the journey that the author takes me on and enjoy the ride. That’s not to say I don’t sometimes question decisions that characters make, but I question decisions that people in my real life make all the time. Just because I disagree doesn’t make the decision wrong. It just means that I wouldn’t have made the same decision they did. (For instance.. I have no doubt that Bella made the right decision when she chose Edward. However, if it were me making the same decision I would have chosen Jacob. Her decision wasn’t wrong, it just wasn’t the one that I would have made ) Okay, enough with the soap box…So what did I think of Dead Ever After and do I think it was a fitting end to a series I’ve followed since the beginning? All in all, I was pretty happy with the story in general. There was mystery, danger, some really happy moments and some really heart breaking ones too. A couple of the characters had to make some really hard decisions and they pretty much stayed true to who they were when they made them. I know that I’m in the minority here, but like I said, it’s my opinion. I’m not exactly sure where all the anger is coming from because there were some pretty big clues along the way that pretty much left few choices as to where things were going. I will not be one of those reviewers that gives anything away. Even though I was pretty certain where the story was headed, I was still a little surprised by the decision that Sookie made. Not disappointed though. Not at all.I’m going to miss Bon Temps and the characters that I’ve grown to love (and sometimes hate) but I think it was time to say goodbye. The great thing about the books though is that I can start the journey all over again if I want. Sure I know what happens, but I always pick up on something new every time I reread a book. It’ll be fun to see how many clues I missed along the way.