Oracle's Moon (Elder Races Series #4)

Oracle's Moon - Thea Harrison Readers were first introduced to Khalil in Storm’s Heart. It was a brief meeting, but enough to make you really not like or trust Khalil at all. Because of that encounter, I really never saw this one coming. I love it when an author can totally change your attitude toward a character. That’s exactly what happened in Oracle’s Moon.Grace’s relationship with the Elder Races was forced upon her. She didn’t ask for it, but she couldn’t walk away from her responsibility as the Oracle. It chose her. Her new responsibility as guardian to her young niece and nephew made her new power even harder to shoulder, but she did it. It made her a character worthy of respect and sympathy. She was strong, determined and stubborn. I really liked Grace.Khalil thought he had a handle on the situation. He was there because of the children. He had his reasons to want to be close to them and protect them. He didn’t like or respect Grace at all. Then he started to pay attention. Watching both of these characters transform is what made this a great read for me. I really wasn’t sure how Harrison was going to turn my attitude about Kahlil around. At the end of The Serpent’s Kiss, I started to no longer hate Kahlil, but I never expected him to turn into one of my favorite characters. Who knew? All it took was a chance to get to know him and find out where all the pent up pain was coming from.The emotion and love shared between these characters was powerful and raw. Especially from Khalil. Grace’s snarky attitude toward him as ‘Bane of her Existence’ was perfect. They fought as easily as they loved and Grace not backing down on her principles where the children were concerned and torturing him with ‘thank you’s’ was fun. It was a great love story for so many reasons.Readers got to spend some more time with Dragos, Carling and Rune in Oracle’s Moon. Not a lot, but just enough. I loved the interaction between Carling, Rune and Khalil. It was playful, unexpected and showed you even more of all their personalities.I can’t wait until we get to spend some more time with Pia and Dragos. I’m beginning to feel sorry for Dragos. He hasn’t gotten much respect in the last couple of books. I’m sure things are going to get worse before they get any better, but it’s still going to be great to get more of the couple that started it all. If you haven’t started reading this series yet, what are you waiting for? Picking up Dragon Bound was all it took to get me hooked.