Lord's Fall (Elder Races Series #5)

Lord's Fall - Thea Harrison Well, some things are worth waiting for and Lord's Fall definitely falls into that category. I've wanted more Pia and Dragos since I read the final page in Dragon Bound. Sure, readers were treated to a glimpse of them every now and then in the other Elder Races books, but those glimpses weren't nearly enough. Besides that, Dragos is a totally different character when he is dealing with his Wyr than he is when he interacts with Pia. To be honest, he's a jerk. (He'll be the first to tell you that Pia makes him a better person, so see, it's not just me ;) )Lord's Fall had Pia and Dragos separated throughout a good portion of the book. That was OK though because they found 'creative' ways to be together. Thea Harrison also helped the illusion along by having them remember special moments that they spent together. Those moments were great because they showed how far they had come as a couple, even though they had only been together for a short amount of time. Switching the POV between the two also worked really well because there was a lot of crazy stuff going on for both of them. Through it all though, they were an integral part of each other. I love this couple!Dragos and Pia weren't the only characters that I loved in Lord's Fall. A few new characters as well as those that readers have already been introduced to fill the pages with plenty of humor, action and tension. I loved the interactions between these characters. They are like a bunch of misbehaved kids at times, including Pia and Dragos, but they have their priorities where they need to be and are ready to go when danger strikes. On a side note, one of my favorite characters in this one totally took me by surprise. I never would have thought in the beginning that she would be my favorite.Along with Pia's mission to work out an alliance with the Elves, Dragos was hosting a contest to replace his lost sentinels. The crew that came out on top of that competition is going to prove to be an interesting mix. I can't wait to see how well they work together - yes, there was a tad bit of sarcasm there. Just a tad. ;)The final battle was brutal, the romance was as hot as ever and the dialogue was perfect. Severed alliances were strengthened (through gritted teeth and a lot of coaxing from their perspective mates - but it happened.) There were also some adorable and at times intense scenes with 'Peanut.' There just isn't anything not to love about this series. Honestly.I might have to start this series over soon. After I finished this one I didn't want it to be over. the final chapter ended on a perfect note, but I want more - now! The wait for the next book is just too long. I know, I'm a greedy reader, but if you have been following this series I'm sure you understand. If you haven't started the Elder Races yet, go find a copy of Dragon Bound now... you can thank me later ;)