Hot Secrets (Tall, Dark & Deadly #1)

Hot Secrets - Lisa Renee Jones Well, this is embarrassing… I read Hot Secrets back in September. I remember liking it, I somehow remember reviewing it. It was obviously someone else’s review I was remembering because it certainly wasn’t mine. The really scarey part? I didn’t realize that I hadn’t reviewed it until I picked up Dangerous Secrets, the second book in the Tall, Dark & Deadly Series. Yikes! Let’s rectify that situation, shall we?I kinda liked the twist in this one… Lauren was the one who wanted to be in it strictly for the ‘fun.’ No commitments and she wanted to keep her heart out of it. Royce, of course had other plans, but his big secret was bound to screw it all up. Sure it was pretty predictable where this one was going, but the journey was fun and the potential stories that the other Walker brothers have to tell ensure that this will be an interestingly hot little series.Since I already have Dangerous Secrets ready and waiting, I promise I won’t be dragging my feet on the next installment.