Shadow Cat

Shadow Cat - Reena Jacobs I really enjoyed Shadow Cat. It took me a little longer to read than most books, but I got side tracked. What can I say, it happens. The imagery that Reena creates in her description of the rain forest in Malaysia is amazing. There is basically something in this one for everyone. Action, romance mystery and yeah a fair amount of erotica. It all fits though and the story wouldn’t have been the same without all the elements involved. If I had one complaint about Shadow Cat, it would be that Eric’s emotions made me dizzy. I know it couldn’t be helped and he was going through a lot at the time. His whole world along with his definition of reality was turned upside down. It was just hard to keep up with where his head was when his loyalty between Barani and his family business and the “real world” would change almost from paragraph to paragraph. I could live with that though because none of it seemed forced by the end. He ended up where he needed to be and he was happy there. Shadow Cat was a totally different story than I Loved You First, but Reena’s style makes it just as entertaining and easy to read. I’m glad a went back to finish it, because once I started reading it again, I found it really hard to put down.