Bluegrass State of Mind

Bluegrass State of Mind  - Kathleen Brooks This was a quick entertaining read. I don’t read many contemporary romance books. I kinda like my romance laced with paranormal. However, I’ve mentioned once or twice – Okay – way more than once or twice, that my taste is eclectic, so I throw a contemporary novel into the mix every once in a while.McKenna was a pretty good heroine. She was feisty and I liked her spunk. She was great handling situations where men had preconceived expectations. I loved watching her turn things around, especially when the men in question had no idea what hit them. Will frustrated me at times, but I think that was just the situation that he was in. Talk abou the ex-wife from Hell! There was really no other way to describe her. The sisterly trio was adorable and the small town feel that Brooks created was where just about anyone would want to live. That is anyone who didn’t mind everyone knowing everything about you. Being from a small town, I can totally relate. Although the rumors and information in this town were lightening fast, it added to the humor of the story.The bad guys in this book were really, really bad. Nothing worse than a bunch of sleazy lawyers out for blood…. literally. Some of the story line was a bit of a stretch, but it’s fiction, so you deal.If I had one complaint about Bluegrass State of Mind, it would be the choppy dialogue. The conversations seemed kind of forced and formal even when they weren’t meant to be. It made the reading a little awkward, but I still liked the story and I will probably pick up at least one more in the series. I liked the characters and the story peaked my interest enough to want to find out what happens next.