Desert Blade

Desert Blade - Ella Drake If I had one complaint about Desert Blade, it would only be that I wanted more. I didn’t know when I started that it was a Novella, but it didn’t make me enjoy it any less, it just left me wanting … well… more. *sigh*Derek and Lidia were both strong characters and I loved the intensity between them. The setting drove that intensity to a whole other level. The end of the world as we know it would bring out the survival instinct in any of us. They fought for what was left and didn’t take time to focus on themselves. That’s what made their attraction so strong.Because this was a Novella, everything happened fast, which isn’t a bad thing. Sometimes short and to the point is all we have time for and a quick read works quite nicely. Being short doesn’t mean that Desert Blade lacked on anything. There was action, romance and enough back story to make you feel for the characters and what brought them to where they were.I’ll be looking for more Ella Drake books now that I’ve gotten a taste of her writing. I liked her style and her world building in Desert Blade worked well with the story.