Lover Enraptured - Jodi Redford I received Lover Enraptured in exchange for a fair and honest review. I first fell in love with Jodi’s snarkiness with her That Old Black Magic series. It’s full of magic (obviously) along with shifters, witches and more. Since then I’ve been treated to more shifters in Cat Scratch Fever, futuristic mayhem in the Midnight Justice series and even a couple of contemporaries thrown into the mix. Granted, that’s quite a variety. A few things that you can count on when you pick up a Jodi Redford book though is that there will be heat… (lots and lots of smexy heat) and characters that you have no choice but to fall in love with. Not surprisingly, Lover Enraptured was no exception.Readers were introduced to Avily and Jerrick in Lover Enslaved. We knew then that there was a connection between the characters but in Lover Enraptured we found out exactly how strong it was. Jerrick was determined to protect Avily at all costs from everything, including himself and the danger that surrounded him. Avily was just as determined to prove to Jerrick that they were destined to be together. He didn’t think he was good enough for her and she was determined to prove him wrong. That combination kept things interesting to say the least. Throw into the mix a jealous ex-girlfriend, a geeky unwanted side-kick, a fair amount of heartbreak, some really, really bad guys and a few other questionable characters and you have no choice but to keep turning pages to see what will happen next. And, trust me, a lot happens.Basically, Lover Enraptured had everything I’ve grown to expect (not to mention look forward to) in a Jodi Redford novel and more. There were even a few twists and turns and more than one moment where a character totally surprised me. I love it when that happens. As usual though, pay close attention to the warning. It’s not there just to make you blush and giggle… well, yeah, knowing Jodi it probably is there to make you blush and giggle, but it’s also a legitimate warning. Snarkiness is rampant, the characters are lovable and there’s plenty of unabashed smexiness to go around. Enjoy!