The Rancher Takes A Bride (The Burnett Brides, #1) - Sylvia McDaniel I finished this book and I’m still not really sure how I feel about it. It wasn’t bad, really. It was just, well… hmm.I think that one problem that I had with it is that there was a lot of back and forth. Because of that back and forth, I never really connected with the characters. Both characters were likable. I just couldn’t connect with how they were drawn together since they never really liked or trusted each other. It was corny, kinda sweet and there were parts of it that I did like. I just didn’t love it. *sigh*The only other thing that really stuck out is that even though this book had an historical setting, it never really felt that way to me. There wasn’t anything blaring, or out of context with the time period, it just didn’t have an historical feel to me.Hey, it happens. Sometimes there are books that just don’t grab you. The Rancher Takes a Bride was one of them for me. There were a lot of reviewers that did like the book though and I will probably check out the next book in The Burnett Brides series. It’s still currently a Freebie at Amazon, so you’ve got nothing to lose by checking it out.