The Lost Wolf's Destiny - Karen Whiddon I received The Lost Wolf's Destiny in exchange for a fair and honest review. I’m still not sure exactly how I feel about this one. It’s another one of those books that just didn’t grab me. I loved the premise, the characters were likable and it was definitely action packed, yet some of the scenarios were just not believable.The attraction between Lucas and Blythe was normal from a werewolf standpoint. That kind of pull just can’t be fought. The relationship itself isn’t what threw me in The Lost Wolf’s Destiny. I think what threw me in this one was Blythe’s daughter. I understand that there were greater powers at play and not all the decisions that Blythe made were under her control but when a child is involved I sit up and pay attention. There were just too many times, for me anyway, that Blythe’s daughter was left in unnecessary danger. That’s just my opinion though.There also seemed to be a fine line between the good and the bad in The Lost Wolf’s Destiny. Even the good guys were doing things that were underhanded. I’m all for twists and turns, but when you really can’t trust anyone it gets a little frustrating.I haven’t given up on the Nocturne books or Karen Widdon though. There have been a few hits and misses and there were things about this book that I did like. I just had a hard time relating to the characters, which happens sometimes. I really, really hate it when it does though. *sigh*