Lover Awakened - J.R. Ward If you polled BDB readers about who their favorite brother was, odds are Zsadist would come out on top. You may be hard pressed to figure out why until you read Lover Awakened. Trust me, once you’ve read it, even if he isn’t your favorite, you will totally understand why he is chosen by so many.Ward introduces us to Zsadist in Dark Lover in a very strong way. She lets you see exactly how unbalanced, feared and savage he can be. The only person who trusts him at all is his twin, Phury. In Lover Eternal we’re given a glimpse at Z’s vulnerability and Bella’s initial attraction to him. Lover Awakened brings Z’s story full circle and it is totally worth the wait.In the first two books in this series Ward gives us a little bit of information on the background of Wrath and Rhage. Lover Awakened is the first book in the series that I feel really delves into the character’s background. Because Zsadist and Phury are so tied together you get to see their history from both of them. The background stories are painful, but they give you an important image of the characters. Their history is what makes them who they are now. Without these histories, you wouldn’t really know or appreciate where either Phury or Zsadist are coming from in this book. It was very well done and adds a lot to the feel of the book.Zsadist is given almost a child-like quality in Lover Awakened. For all his strength and anger, he really is clueless when it comes to love. Not necessarily loving others but allowing himself to be loved or feeling like he deserved it. He doesn’t feel worthy and pushes everyone away. I think it’s all these qualities that make us all love him so much. Bella’s patience with Zsadist along with her determination and love for him make this one of the most touching books in the series. Hard to believe that this isn’t one of my favorite books in the series isn’t it? Imagine how someone who is totally devoted to Zsadist would review it? ;)Lover Awakened not only deals with Zsadist and Bella, but true to Ward’s style with this series, several new characters are introduced and other characters’ POV are given. That’s what keeps this series so interesting. We learn a lot more about John Matthew, Butch is given some more time and some important key characters that will be featured in future books are finally introduced.I think that I should stop before I give any more away. I’ll just leave you with a warning. As much as Lover Eternal was the first book in the series that broke my heart, parts of this book tore it apart. Expect more tears. There is a lot of pain in this one, but there is also a lot of love and there are even a few surprises. Hang in there, as usual, there is a balance and Ward makes it all worth it. Enjoy!