Lover Eternal - J.R. Ward I’m not sure exactly what it is about these BDB boys, but they totally get under my skin. It’s not just the heat (not that the ‘heat’ isn’t worth reading) it’s the intense emotions that these tortured souls evoke. Wrath’s book gave us just a glimpse into his mysterious brothers. Even though Dark Lover may be one of my favorites, Lover Eternal was the first book that came close to breaking my heart. Yep, the emotion is that intense. At least it was for me.We were introduced to Rhage’s beast in Dark Lover. We saw the torment, pain and fear he experienced each time the beast took over. In Lover Eternal we saw even more of the pain Rhage lived with, more than he even let the brothers see. Rhage put up quite a front and hid behind his reputation. On the surface he was a playboy, but underneath that mask he was broken. Then Mary came into his life. They weren’t looking for each other, but fate brought them together. Their story is amazingly beautiful and heartbreaking. They need each other desperately but there is so much going against them that the odds are insurmountable. Yes there were tears. More than once there were tears.I love the way these books are written, mainly because Ward gives each of her key characters a voice. It gives the story so much more depth. You get inside not only Rhage and Mary’s head, but you also get a feel for everyone else, including the bad guys. Several new characters were also introduced in Lover Eternal, which keeps things interesting.One of the best things about these books is the cast of characters and they are always changing. Ward keeps throwing new players into the mix. That’s a good thing, because as long as there are new characters, there will be new books. As long as there are new BDB books, I will keep reading them. It’s a vicious cycle I know, but one I’m fully prepared to continue. ;) On a side note, I think this marks my 3rd time reading Lover Eternal. Yeah, it's kind of corny at times and yeah there were some moments that weren't exactly perfect, but my initial feeling about this one still hasn't changed. When I read a book this many times and there are moments that still hit me hard enough to make me even a little teary, I can't deny it. I'm just one of those readers that is still and always will be a lover of the BDB. ;)