Caressed by Moonlight (Rulers of Darkness, #1) - Amanda J. Greene I have to be in the right mood to enjoy Historical Romance. Sometimes I just get bogged down in all the formality and language. However, if you throw in a sexy and tortured Aristocratic vampire and pair him with an orphaned, desperate, yet spunky and witty young lady I’m easily drawn into the story. That was exactly the case with Caressed by Moonlight.It wasn’t hard to sympathize with Victoria. She was totally devoted to her little sister and her aunt would put even the worst evil step-mother to shame. There were bright spots though. Victoria was free to leave and spend time with her friend Lana (who I loved) even if it was only so she could find a suitable husband. She was strong, proud and devoted to those she loved. Once she realized her feelings for Dorian were more than she expected she was determined to protect him as well.Then there was Dorian. His purpose in being in London was to pull his enemies away from his people. He went to the dinner parties, balls and other functions that he was invited simply to make an appearance. Until he met Victoria, then his purpose took a totally different direction. Readers knew where the attraction to Victoria was going before he did, which was interesting. There was a lot to love about Dorian, especially his love, respect and devotion to his friends. It was even hard to be mad at him when he tried to brush off his feelings toward Victoria. Watching him try was heart breaking. Yeah, I kinda loved this couple.A lot happened in Caressed by Moonlight. There was action, drama, humor, plenty of smexiness and more than a few moments of heart break. Add to that the amazing cast of supporting characters and I have a feeling that this is going to be a series that it won’t take me long to devour. The epilogue sets up Caressed by Night, the next book in the Rulers of Darkness series quite nicely. Not only has Amanda J. Greene gained herself a new fan, Rulers of Darkness has also made its way to my Seriously Series list for 2013.