The Windgate (The School of Ministry #1) - Braxton A. Cosby I’m a sucker for Mythology. I may have mentioned that once or twice That being said, I really hope that this novella is a taste of things to come in the Pool of Souls series because I really enjoyed it and I’m already looking forward to more.With Aphrodite guiding them and Ares seeming to have a counter move for every one that Aphrodite makes, there’s more than enough going on to keep the pages turning. When you add a daemon, a couple of trouble making ‘godlings’ and a jealous ex-boyfriend, what’s not to love? Krystal Shannan also adds a healthy dose of humor, a steamy romance between Robert and Rebecca, a little bit of danger and more than a little bit of angst (along with some heat of their own) between the God and Goddess. All in all, this was one short, sweet read packed full of surprises.Finding Hope is the next installment and it’s just over 200 pages, compared to Open House‘s 60, so readers should be in store for a lot more from the Olympians. I’m sure I’ll be checking it out soon.