Kiss of Crimson - Lara Adrian The bad news is that I waited forever to start this series. The good news, for me anyway is that I have lots of books to keep me busy while I play catch up. Which just proves, once again, that procrastination isn’t always a bad thing.I have to confess that I didn’t really pay much attention to Dante in Kiss of Midnight. I’m not sure why, other than there was a lot covered in that book, like most first books in a series. I can guarantee that when I re-read Kiss of Midnight (notice I said ‘when’ not ‘if’) I will pay closer attention. With his background and his ‘gift’ it’s no wonder he never expected to bind himself to anyone. Seeing how much he unconsciously longed for it while knowing it was something he could never have was pure torture.Tess was a great character and there was a lot more to her than expected. Things unraveled slowly in Kiss of Crimson. There were twists and turns and mysteries behind a lot of characters that Lara Adrian kept under wraps for a fairly long time. I kind of liked that approach. It kept things interesting and I wanted to know what the big secrets were bad enough that this was a hard one to put down.Plenty of romance, plenty of action, a fair amount of heart break and even a few tears. Kiss of Crimson pretty much had it all. The only complaint I may have is that things were tied up kind of fast at the end. The outcome was inevitable, but it just seemed to come too soon after the climax for me. Kind of minor in the scheme of things but it’s just something that bugged me just a little.There were a few new characters introduced in Kiss of Crimson and Lara Adrian set up the next book, Midnight Awakening pretty well. Tegan is the next Breed warrior featured and his potential mate is definitely going make things interesting – for everyone. She’s peaked my interest anyway.