Tempted - Elisabeth Naughton Oh Demetrius. He was not a nice guy, he worked hard at making sure people knew it. He wanted people to keep their distance and so far it had worked well for him. Even his fellow Guardians watched themselves around him. As far as Isadora went, she was terrified of him – just like he wanted her to be. That never bothered me too much though because she wasn’t exactly a fun loving character herself. I always felt sorry for her because of the impossible situation she was in but I never really liked her. So how did Elisabeth Naughton take two characters that up until now weren’t my favorites at all and turn them into a couple that I could even remotely care about? Brilliantly!Okay, so it still wasn’t instant love. Demetrius had a lot to make up for. It only took a couple of pages of being in his head to start to understand. The transformation of Isadora was almost as surprising as Demetrius’. They were both strong, witty and my heart ached for both of them. I loved Isadora’s new found strength and Demetrius’ vulnerability that he usually kept hidden from everyone. He was broken and determined to protect Isadora from his dark side. I never expected this couple to become one of my favorites, but now I can’t wait to see what happens with them next. Trust me, their story is far from over.Even though this story centered around Demetrius and Isadora, there was a lot going on around them. There were losses, surprises and secretes revealed. I love the glimpses readers were given of past characters. With each new book we get to know them all just a little bit more.Tempted was beyond intense, but it was still laced with the wit and humor of the previous books. Even so, by the end the fate of more than one character was still left unknown. It’s a good thing that I have the next book ready and waiting. Enraptured is next and since Orpheus is one of my favorite characters I can’t wait to where his book leads. Knowing Orpheus, it’s bound to be an interesting ride.