Protector - Nancy Northcott Now this is a novella that didn’t hold anything back. I’m all for short and sweet, especially when I’m expecting it. When a story is short, sweet and packed full of drama, romance and adds to the overall story arc in the series, that’s even better. Protector delivered that and then some.I was totally enthralled with both this series and Nancy’s writing when I read Renegade, the first book in her The Protectors series. Protector takes place a little while after Renegade ends. There’s a lot more to the story than is covered in the book description, but you’ll have to read it for yourself to understand. Josh and Edie’s story is worth the time, honest. They are both really strong characters that fit in perfectly with the characters that have already been introduced. You won’t be lost if you don’t read Protector first, but you’ll be missing out on meeting a great couple. Not to mention a few important things happen in Protector that you might want to learn about before you start Guardian. (Trust me, it’s another one of those ‘do as I say, not as I do’ moments.)Even though this is Josh and Edie’s story, it not only gives us a few updates on Val and Griff, it’s also the perfect lead in to Stefan and Mel’s full length book, Guardian. This is one series that I have definitely put on my radar.For a glimpse of The Protectors and a taste of Nancy Northcott’s writing, you can check out her free reads that are part of the series on her website. Enjoy!