The Hunt (The V V Inn, #2) - C.J. Ellisson I admit, it’s taken me a while to pick this series up but now that I’m back on track there will be no letting go. Actually, I’m the one that’s not being let go. The original draw for me with this series was Vivian/Dria and Rafe. With each installment we get to know the individual characters even better and now they all have my full attention. Well played Ms. Ellisson, well played.At the end of Vampire Vacation the stage was set for The Hunt. Book two in the VV Inn series opens with the final preparations being made for the players in this game to arrive. Readers saw a few new sides to Vivian in this book and a little bit more of her history was revealed. She’s got more to worry about and more ‘family’ to protect. A lot more of her darkness comes through in The Hunt and that causes some pretty intense moments. Needless to say it makes things interesting.As much as I love Vivian’s ‘voice,’ I think what I enjoyed most about this book was that we ‘heard’ from all the members of the seethe. It gave such an interesting insight into the characters and one that we wouldn’t have gotten otherwise, even with Vivian’s ability to get into their heads. They all had their weaknesses, desires and fears. It made for a very interesting read in more ways than one.So now that we’ve gotten into their heads, do I have a favorite? I think my favorite character, aside from Vivian and Rafe, will always be Jon. Even before the release of his own novella, Death’s Servant. Getting a glimpse of his pain, frustration and loyalty in The Hunt just made me love him more – and also broke my heart just a little. *sigh* As for the other members of the seethe? I really enjoyed getting to know them all. They all grew a lot during the course of this book. Some of the growth was expected, but some of it took both the characters and readers by surprise. I love the unexpected!A lot is revealed in The Hunt that sets up what could be some interesting possibilities in future books. There are still quite a few mysteries left unsolved along with danger that sets up the next book, Big Game, very nicely. More prequels are also promised that will feature other members of the VV Inn family. I can’t wait to see who’s featured next.