Lover Enslaved - Jodi Redford One thing that I have learned about Jodi Redford is to always expect the unexpected. You never quite know what she is going to come up with. The only thing that you can be sure of is that whatever surprises she has in store, they will be entertaining. Lover Enslaved was definitely no exception.It should be no surprise that the characters are what made this book so much fun. They were witty, fun, just the right amount of snarky and the supporting characters were just as much fun as Dash and Mara. Of course there were some serious moments too. Both of these characters had been through a lot and they both had their own share of secrets. During the course of this story they both discovered as much about themselves as they did about each other.The bad guys were despicable, the humor was as smart as it was funny, the characters had depth and there was just enough action to keep everyone happy. I also have to mention that I can’t remember the last time I read a book by Jodi Redford that had quite this much *ahem* tension. By the end of the book I actually felt sorry for Dash. There’s only so much torture a sex crazed Fae should have to endure. As usual, pay attention to the warning… it’s for real and not an exaggeration. This author knows how to pull out all the stops and keep things interesting until the very last page.The next book in this series, Lover Enraptured, is sure to be just as much fun as this one. Can’t wait until August 2013!