Wicked Game - Jeri Smith-Ready Am I the last person to pick this book up? Really, I am a huge fan of Jeri Smith-Ready and have been ever since I picked up Shade. At that time I had no idea that she also wrote an PNR… *hangs head in shame* The good news is that I know now and am prepared to more than make up for my lapse.WVMP Radio is a series for anyone who thinks that vampires have been over done. The author has taken the WVMP vampires and made them her own. Yes, they drink blood and no they can’t survive in the sun but there is so much more to the vampires that Jeri Smith-Ready has created than the typical cliche. I loved her twist on her vamps. The humans in Wicked Game are great too, especially Ciara. I love that she doesn’t automatically swoon. She approaches the vamps with a very realistic attitude. As much as I love reading about vampires and other supernatural beings, I’m not so sure I’d love meeting them. That’s where Ciara was. She was actually kind of put off by them all at first. Her attitude toward them made it seem more ‘real’ in a way. She was smart, strong witty and very logical in her thinking despite her background and the circumstances. I loved watching her come around and realize that she needed them as much as they needed her.I also loved Shane. He was sweet and realistic about his existence but he was also broken in a very big way. Watching him come around, even when he didn’t realize it was great.Wicked Game was full of action, surprises and a healthy dose of romance. The fresh take on vampires made it a really fun read and the wit, sarcasm and depth of the characters kept the pages turning. I think I’m going to enjoy my time with WVMP Radio.