Eternity Embraced (Demonica, #3.5) - Larissa Ione This was a great addition to the Demonica series for a whole lot of reasons.First, it was short and sweet which made it really easy to squeeze in between my other books. Second, it gave readers a little bit more insight into exactly how ‘crazy’ and radical the Aegis is. It turns out to be a real eye opener for both Andrea and Kaden.Even though it was short, Eternity Embraced wasn’t lacking in anything. There was plenty of drama, action and heat to please pretty much any fan of this series. There aren’t really any spoilers so I’d say if you want a taste of the Demonica series or of Larissa Ione’s writing in general, Eternity Embraced would be a great novella to pick up.On a side note, even though this is numbered 3.5 and the disclaimer says that it falls between books 3 and 4, the couple that is featured in Book 4 is mentioned near the end. Not a big deal, just thought I’d mention it.