Keeper of the Shadows - Alexandra Sokoloff This is one series that I can honestly say got better with each installment. Each book, starting with the Prequel (The Gatekeeper) got more intense, more cohesive and the characters gained more depth. I started out reading it just to find out where the story was going. By the time I got to Keeper of the Shadows I not only wanted to know more, I was so invested in the characters I need to know more.I’ve liked Barrie from the beginning. She always seemed to be the most grounded of the cousins. Not that they other Gryffald girls weren’t serious about their position as Keepers, but Barrie seemed to adjust to the responsibility thrown on them a lot more comfortably than Rhiannon and Sailor. She was also the more serious of the trio. Getting to know a different side of her in Keeper of the Shadows.Then there was Mick… who just about broke my heart. I really don’t want to say too much because there were so many crazy twists and turns in Keeper of the Shadows that I’m afraid I’ll let something slip. Once I thought I had things figured out, Sokoloff took things in a whole new direction. I think it’s safe to say that nothing and no one was exactly what they seemed…. right up until the last chapter. I love it when authors take things up a notch and that’s exactly what this author did. The Keepers: LA may have started slow, but it ended with a definite bang.One thing that was consistent throughout this series was the obvious love and devotion that the Gryffald girls had for each other. As each girl found their significant other, the level of support increased to include the new men in their lives as well. The sense of family was a really big reason why I enjoyed this series and it seemed even stronger in Keeper of the Shadows.As the series progressed the city of LA became an even bigger part of the story. It was especially true for Keeper of the Shadows and it won’t take long to figure out why once you start reading. This series took a little bit of patience in the beginning, but I am so glad that I stuck with it.