Twice Tempted - Jeaniene Frost Oh Vlad, how I’ve missed you. *sigh* I do have to agree with others who have commented on this spin-off series though. This isn’t the Vlad that we first met in the Night Huntress books. I’m kinda okay with that though. Let me see if I can explain…The Vlad that we met before was sharp tongued and witty. He was loyal to his friends and you could always depend on him to have a wry comment and even act on those comments from time to time. The thing about that Vlad though was that he was guarded. You never saw the ‘real’ Vlad. The one he kept hidden. The one who had a heart that could be broken. That Vlad is the one we see in the Night Prince and I can’t honestly tell you which one I like more.Of course Leila is the reason why we finally see this side of Vlad. He spends a lot of time hiding it from her as well. The bad part is that she knows that side of him exists. She just can’t get him to reveal it, even to himself. He says all the wrong things and gives her everything except for what she really wants and eventually pushes her away. Because of that there were some pretty scary moments in this book. This couple was on the brink of disaster more than once and a couple of times I wasn’t really sure which direction Frost was taking them. Talk about your emotional roller coasters. Yikes!I know that having these books told from Leila’s POV has taken a couple of readers by surprise, but I kind of like Leila’s voice. I think that keeping us out of Vlad’s head adds to the mystery. Plus, Vlad’s head would be a very scary place to be. *shivers* Finding out where Vlad was coming from and how he really saw himself revealed slowly and on his terms actually added a lot to the romance.As for the rest of the story? Well, it was definitely full. There was a little bit of mystery, a lot of danger, some funny moments, plenty of action and a chapter that will give Cat & Bones a run for their money. *fans self* I can’t even give you a clue about this one because it will give too much away. I knew it was coming and still wasn’t prepared. Let’s just say that everything that happens up until Chapter 36 is well worth the wait. Honestly!Once Burned ended with things up in the air for Leila and Vlad. Twice Tempted doesn’t end with that much frustration, but there is definitely more to come. That’s a very good thing though. We’ve got more Night Huntress stories to look forward to, but I really love these spin-offs that have developed. Cat and Bones are still my favorite, but getting to know everyone else a little bit better has been fun too