The Wolf Prince - Karen Whiddon The Wolf Prince was a book with a lot of promise. It was sweet in some places. It had just the right amount of heat in other places. It had characters that I really liked. There was plenty of mystery and twists and turns to keep me turning the pages. The bad guys were really, really bad and a few of the players were a mystery until you really got to know them. I really, really liked a lot of this story, but…..Okay, let’s start with what I liked. Prince Ruben was a great werewolf MC. He was alone, slightly broken and he was in search of a mate. Well, his family was in search of mate for him. Not because they were heavy handed parents who were forcing a match. It was because they were loving parents who wanted the best for their son. I loved Ruben’s parents, or his dad anyway because we didn’t see a lot of his mom. He seemed to understand more than Ruben gave him credit for. Ruben also loved and respected his parents. He just didn’t think he deserved a mate because he didn’t trust himself or his wolf.Willow reminded me more of Cinderella than any character I’ve read in a long time. The only difference is that she wasn’t raised by a wicked step mother and teased by step sisters. No, her mother was pure evil even though she was her real mother and her sister and father weren’t much better. Her family was a polar opposite of Ruben’s. That made the connection that they had all the more bittersweet. They needed each other. She needed him because she needed someone to love her for the beautiful young princess she really was. He needed her to calm his wolf and teach him how to accept who he really was.The rest of the characters were as annoying as they were necessary. The kind you love to hate. There were also a couple of surprising characters and twists near the end that were worth waiting for. I loved the way the story unfolded and where everyone eventually ended up. It really was a fairy tale kind of story that I enjoyed.Now, what I didn’t like. There were several parts of the story that were kind of repetitive. Well, actually, more than repetitive. The same thing was said over and over again and then repeated. I wouldn’t bother mentioning it, but it happened more than once. There was also at least once that I had to re-read a couple of pages to make sure I didn’t miss something. Certain events and statements seemed to contradict themselves. Since I read an ARC, I don’t want to be too critical because some of this could have been corrected before the book was released. This isn’t the first book I’ve read by Karen Whiddon. I read and loved Powerful Magic and didn’t notice any of these issues, so I’m hoping that the issues I’ve mentioned aren’t really issues at all. Aside from that, The Wolf Prince was a book that I really enjoyed. I skipped The Wolf Princess, which is also part of The Pack series and written by Karen Whiddon. It is Prince Ruben’s sister’s story and since she’s mentioned in The Wolf Prince, I might have to check it out.