Before the Mission Begins (When the Mission Ends, #0.5) - Christi Snow The When the Mission Ends Trilogy had me hooked from the Prologue in Operation: End Game. Christi Snow’s characters draw you in immediately and don’t let go until the final page. That was especially true for Before the Mission Begins because it was a novella. I was already emotionally invested in these characters but I had no idea how much these few scenes would pull me in farther. By the time the story was over, the characters that I thought I knew at the end of Operation: Endeavor were so much more than I expected. This just proves once again how character driven this series is. The dialogue between the characters as well as their inner dialogue gave me a sense that I really knew this couple when I was finished and I felt for them – a lot. I think that’s what I like most about this author’s writing. She just has a way of bringing the characters to life and the really great part is that they are characters I want to get to know. They’re witty, smart, strong, protective, fiercely loyal to each other and very real.This novella was the perfect set up for Operation: Endurance, the last book in the When the Mission Ends Trilogy. I knew before I began this short story that Operation: Endurance was going to be an emotional roller coaster, but this glimpse into the history behind these two characters just upped the level. I’m really looking forward to reading Operation: Endurance but I have a feeling it’s going to be a heart breaker. And since this will be the last book in the trilogy, it goes without saying that I’m also looking forward to whatever else Christi Snow has in store for us. I have a feeling that When the Mission Ends is only the beginning.