Anathema (Causal Enchantment, #1) - K.A. Tucker Where has this book and author been hiding?!? On my Kindle, buried under my virtual TBR pile, that’s where. I downloaded this book over 9 months ago! *hangs head in shame* The good news is that I found a gem when I finally opened Anathema. The bad news (depending on how you look at it) is that I’m now hooked on another series and will have to purchase even more books. Anathema had a little bit of everything for paranormal lovers. Tormented characters, danger, amazing world building, mystery, romance, loyal friends and dialogue that flowed as easily as the author’s descriptive writing style. The characters are what made this book for me though. Evangeline was the perfect heroine. She was kind, trusting and a tad naive, yet she wasn’t stupid and she was strong when she needed to be. Surprisingly so at times. She was also alone and longed for one thing more than anything else. A sense of belonging, a family and friends. She thought she had found it, but her allies changed from chapter to chapter and sometimes from page to page. Mortimer, Viggo, Leonard, Sofie and even Max were all great, even when Evangeline couldn’t decide which one, if any of them she could trust. None of that broke her though. I loved that about Evangeline. Then there was Caden and crew. I loved the time that she spent with them. As strange as that aspect of her world was, it seemed more normal than the rest at times. I love it when an author can take the truly bizarre and unbelievable and turn it into something that is easy to accept because of the careful and creative way it’s presented.As you can probably already tell, this wasn’t your average vampire tale. It was a unique mix of magic, fantasy, mystery, heart break and romance. I loved the twists and turns and the mythology that Tucker used to create her vampires. And then there was the ending. Wow… Yep, that pretty much covers it. If you’re not a fan of cliff hangers, I suggest you have the next book in the Causal Enchantment, Asylum, ready and waiting. I’m planning on picking it up immediately.