Desire Unchained - Larissa Ione A couple of reviews ago I mentioned that I needed to start paying more attention when I pick up books. At that time I was referring to the order of books in a series. With the Demonica series it has more to do with series spin-offs. I started the Lords of Deliverance series before I realized that a lot of the back story, world building and characterization began with the Demonica series. See what I mean about paying attention? *sigh* No worries though. My 2013 Seriously Series goals are helping me to rectify this in a big way.I started reading Desire Unchained right before Bout-of-Books 6.0. Silly me thought that I could start it and then put it down for a week while I read all the other books on my Goal list. Yep, silly me is right. Once I got into the Demonica world again I couldn’t stop. It wasn’t just Shade and Runa either, although believe me, they would have been enough. It was Wraith and Kynan and Gem and Arik and Reaver – all of them just sucked me in. Yeah, I think I’m really going to enjoy catching up with these characters and the mythology that surrounds them.Desire Unchained gave readers more back story and threw in some really crazy surprises that shocked everyone. I loved it! It definitely kept things moving. I love roller coaster rides in books and this one definitely didn’t disappoint. Then there was the romance. *swoon* Both Runa and Shade had their reasons for not wanting to fall for each other. BIG reasons. Shade was cursed and Runa was heart broken and seeking revenge. They fought themselves as much as they fought each other and even though their love was inevitable it seemed impossible. Not a new concept in a PNR but like I’ve said before, it’s not necessarily where the characters end up, it’s the journey that gets them there and this was quite a journey.I love the interaction between the characters in both the Demonica series and the Lords of Deliverance series. The dialogue and the dynamics between these flows so well. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the story and I love it when readers are treated to different POVs throughout a book. Basically, there’s nothing about either one of these series that I don’t like.Even though this was Runa and Shade’s book, I think one of my favorite characters is Wraith. That’s good because the next book is his. He discovered as much about himself in Desire Unchained as readers did and I can’t wait to see what Larissa Ione has in store for him in Passion Unleashed.