The Warlord Wants Forever  - Kresley Cole I’ve been guilty more than once about not paying attention when I pick up a book. Sometimes I pick books up out of their chronological order. The only excuse that I have is that I get excited when I discover a new series and when I find out that other people are hooked on the books in said series I just grab the first one I see. *sigh* I really need to stop doing that because sometimes, even in a prequel novella, you can miss some important back story and character introduction. That’s exactly what I discovered with the Immortals After Dark series. I wasn’t totally lost when I read A Hunger Like No Other, but reading this introductory novella would have given me a little more perspective.The Warlord Wants Forever may have been short (Amazon estimates it at 175 pages) but it packed a lot into those pages. There was a lot of introductory world building and mythology. Characters for the series were introduced and the time frames of The Warlord Wants Forever and A Hunger Like No Other actually cross by the end of the novella. Of course, I wouldn’t have known that if I hadn’t read the books out of order. ;)As far as the story itself goes, I loved Myst and Nikolai. I also enjoyed the creative way that Kresley Cole gave readers the characters’ background stories. As strong as both of these characters were, they were totally broken. Neither one of them trusted easily and even though their love was inevitable it wasn’t easy for either one of them to give into it.I also liked the glimpses that we got of the other characters. I may not have picked up on it as readily if I hadn’t read book 2 first, but regardless, I’ve learned my lesson. From now on I’ll check closely to make sure I’m picking series books up in the right order. At least I’m going to try really, really hard. ;)