The Naughty List - Jodi Redford I love Jodi Redford's books. It never fails that after reading one there are certain things that I will never look at the same way again. Let's see, first there was champagne then cat toys. After reading The Naughty List I will never again be able to go Christmas tree shopping without blushing just a little. *sigh*There was just as much fantasizing about sex in The Naughty List as there was actual sex, which attributed to the fact that well... this book was pretty sexy. The relationship between Bram, Ry and Lace was sweet, which may seem strange given the content, but not really. They were all a little broken and they all loved and respected each other. In other words, there was a story behind all this sexiness and it made The Naughty List a fast, hot read that even managed to break your heart just a little. Once again, these books aren't for everyone. Jodi Redford's warnings are hilarious but they are for real (yes, including the Santa in a speedo.) *shivers* The sex is hot and nothing's held back, the story is fun and the characters are lovable. Pretty much everything you would expect from Jodi Redford minus aliens, demons or shifters. Who knew a contemporary romance could be so much fun? I received The Naughty List as a free download from All Romance ebooks on December 24, 2012 and read it as part of the Why Buy the Cow 2013 Reading Challenge.