Keeper of the Night - Heather Graham Don’t let my rating sway you. Honestly. I think I said the same thing in my review of The Gatekeeper, but the same statement applies here. I love the premise and the characters are interesting as well. I can’t quite put my finger on why this series isn’t grabbing me, but even so, I’m not ready to give up on it.Rhiannon is a strong female lead character and Brodie is a great Alpha male. They connect well and the relationship isn’t rushed. I like the connection that they have, so what is keeping me from loving it? I’m at a loss.Maybe it’s because they both fight the relationship for a lot of reasons and then suddenly they both seem to cave at the same time. Or could it be that there is still so much going on that I haven’t quite caught up with the ‘who’ and ‘why’ of the premise? I guess I’m not ready to lay the blame on just one element. Regardless, it’s still a good story and I am honestly interested in the rest of the Gryffald cousins and what’s in store for them throughout the rest of the series. The dialogue flows well and the action is just intense enough to keep my interest. The mystery is pretty good too.The next book in the series (Keeper of the Moon) won’t be released until March of 2013. It features Rhiannon’s cousin Sailor. It’s also written by a different author, Harley Jane Kozak.