Tangled Threads - Jennifer Estep So far I think that Tangled Threads is my favorite in the Elemental Assassin series. Gin is just as committed as ever to her friends and family, the danger is just as intense and the stakes are growing higher. Mainly because Gin’s circle of people that she has grown to care about and feels the need to protect is growing.Once again, the supporting players in this installment played just as big a part as Gin herself. This is definitely not just an action driven series, it’s character driven as well. The more I get to know the supporting crew, the more I like them. Sophie and Jo-jo were Gin’s strong supporters. Jo-Jo with her sage advice and encouragement and Sophie with her silent strength. Finn was his lovingly sarcastic self and he proved he was much more than a pretty face who could crunch numbers and gather intel. He saw some real action in Tangled Threads and it made me like and respect him even more. I loved getting to know Bria better too. Hopefully that relationship will grow stronger as well.Then there was Owen…. *sigh* I really love this guy. He’s breaking through Gin’s tough walls and at times it’s both beautiful and heartbreaking. I’m one of those readers who never doubted Owen’s motives. He always seemed genuine to me and he proved it over and over again in Tangled Threads. The romance was sweet and intense and their connection is just getting stronger. My only fear is that something tragic is going to happen. I hate those feelings.Of course the bad guys were in full force. Mab was just as nasty and ruthless as ever and we saw more of her this time. Then there was the new assassin. Elektra was an amazing adversary for Gin. That combined with the twists, turns and surprising threads that connected the two made their final encounter even more intense.Speaking of twists and turns, both readers and characters were in for a few in Tangled Threads. Some I never saw coming. There were some tense moments for me while I was reading the final chapters. I honestly thought I was going to end up hating a character I had grown to really love and respect. Whew!Spider’s Revenge is up next and hopefully I’ll continue to stay on track so I can take part in the Elemental Assassin Series Read-A-Long discussion because it is really way too much fun to miss. ;)