Rogue Rider  - Larissa Ione Confession time.. I peeked at a couple of reviews of Rogue Rider before I read it. I know, I know, that’s a big no, no. I honestly only read the first paragraph or so of a couple. It wasn’t because I was trying to decide whether or not I should read it. That was a given. I honestly just wanted to see how much everyone liked it. Because of those peeks I did discover something though. I am one of the few people who didn’t loathe Reseph. Who knew?From the time that Reseph’s seal was broken I felt for him. Sure, I hated Pestilence and everything that he did, but that wasn’t Reseph. I guess my empathy for him came from the brother that the Horsemen remembered. They were all crushed when his seal broke. Even though everything that Pestilence did was unforgivable, there were still glimpses of Reseph trying to break through. I knew that once he did, the transformation would be worth the wait and Larissa Ione did not disappoint.I loved Jillian. She was as strong, if not stronger than any of the female characters that have been introduced in this series so far. Mainly because her love for him had to be strong enough to overcome all that Reseph had done under the influence of Pestilence. She had to look beyond all that evil and see Reseph for who he really was and mostly for what he had become. Not as easy as you may think.The circumstances that brought Jillian and Reseph together were perfect and a lot of the puzzle pieces that were missing in the previous books came together nicely. I enjoyed seeing all the Horsemen together, even though the reunion was heart wrenching. It had to be though. Love can forgive a lot, but not everything. Not surprisingly, the person who had the hardest time forgiving Reseph was himself.There were some surprises in Rogue Rider that I didn’t see coming. I also found myself liking characters that I never expected to like. I love it when authors do that.What did I like most about Rogue Rider? The fact that I discovered that it isn’t the last Lords of Deliverance book. I just assumed that when all four Horsemen found their mates that the series would end. I’m so glad that there is more to come. Since the last book is also part of the Demonica series I guess I better start catching up on that one as well. I know, I read the series out of order, but I’m trying to fix it, honest! Besides, it gives me the perfect excuse to start the Lords of Deliverance series over once I’m caught up with the Demonica series. See, it’s all good. ;)