A Sinister Game - Heather Killough-Walden I have to admit that when I first started A Sinister Game, it didn’t immediately grab me. I think it may have been the set-up, which was a necessary part of the story. The flip side is that once it did grab me, it didn’t let go.The world that Heather Killough-Walden created in A Sinister Game was so much more than it seemed at first. So were the main players. It was a sinister, dark world whose powers that be not only manipulated the players in The Game, but also the residents outside its walls. It was quite a complex and scary concept.As to be expected from any book by this author, there was amazing heat between the main characters. In this case, Victor and Victoria. Also to be expected, the lines between good and evil tended to blur. Killough-Walden is an expert at blurring those lines. You never know exactly who you should be rooting for and you find your loyalties changing almost as fast as the action and drama force you to turn the pages. It definitely makes for an interesting read.I’ve mentioned before that I’m a sucker for mythology and A Sinister Game has an interesting mythological tie-in. I wasn’t expecting it, but once it was introduced everything seemed to click into place.It’s hard to find a category for this book. It’s an interesting mix of mythology, dystopian, sci-fy and paranormal romance. It’s full of action, mystery, danger, intrigue as well as romance. Basically, it has pretty much everyone covered.