Venom - Jennifer Estep I am so glad I started this series. It just gets better and better with every installment. Who knew I could have so much respect for an assassin?I think what I like about this series the most is the fact that it’s not just Gin. Even though the book is told from her POV, the other characters are such an integral part of these books it’s hard to think of them as merely a supporting cast. They are family, plain and simple and without them the story wouldn’t be nearly as interesting. It’s also great getting to know each one of them a little better in each book. Gin always knew that they had her back, but even she is gaining a stronger sense of family as her character grows. Her connection to them and their connection to her is a powerful element of this series and I love it! And can I just say, if I had a brother I would want him to be just like Finn. ;)Other characters are not necessarily introduced but readers learn more about them in Venom. I gained a whole new respect for Roslyn in this book. She was a lot stronger and had a lot more moral character than she was previously given credit for. Bria kind of grew on me as the story unfolded and boy did readers learn a lot more about her character. There’s a lot more left to her story, but what we’ve found out so far is pretty intense. And then there is Owen. I really hope that he is as good for Gin as he seems. He’s definitely better for her and her self esteem than Donovan was but his motives are still in question so we shall see.So yes, I’ve grown to respect an assassin. Trust me, you have to read the books to understand. They are full of action, loyalty, magic, and enough romance to keep everyone happy. They also tend to end with a bang and more than enough ‘I didn’t see that one coming’ moments to hold just about anyone’s interest. The best part right now for me is that I can pick up the next one right away! (In theory, anyway.)Tangled is up next and hopefully I’ll be starting it in time to actually take part in the Elemental Assassin Series Read-A-Long discussion this time. *face palm*