Daughter of the Spellcaster - Maggie Shayne I'm really loving this series. It's made me want to track down some of Maggie Shayne's other books and series. Daughter of the Spellcaster takes readers one step closer to revealing what exactly lies behind The Portal waiting to be freed.Daughter of the Spellcaster is the story of Lena and Ryan. Lena knew from the beginning that Ryan was her soul mate, but Ryan wasn't ready for commitment and definitely not a child. At least Lena didn't think so. That's why she left him before he even knew he was going to be a father. Ryan finding out about Lena's secret is just the beginning. Lena spends much of the book trying to figure out exactly who she can and can't trust, including Ryan. Evil is lurking around them all and seems to have a hold on the people closest to Lena and her baby.The danger that surrounded them and the fight against that unknown force made the romance between Lena and Ryan even more intense. Ryan had to prove himself to Lena and gain her trust. Watching the love grow between them and the power of that love was an amazing aspect of this book. There were impossible odds against these two and history had proven that love wasn't always enough. Their fight to overcome those odds turned this into a real page turner.The romance in this one was a little different than the previous books. Mainly because Lena was close to nine months pregnant throughout the story. That didn't make the connection between Lena and Ryan any less intense or powerful. The attraction between them was strong and the pregnancy didn't detract from it, if anything it made it stronger.This series is full of action, mystery, romance and even humor. The way the past and present are woven together is just an added bonus. The next book in the series promises to be even more intense than the rest. Blood of the Sorceress finally brings Lilia and Demetrius together and I can't wait to see what Maggie Shayne has in store for them.