Devil's Bargain  - Rachel Caine I became a fan of Rachel Caine I suppose the way that most of my fellow bloggers did and that would be through the Morganville Vampire series. That being said, the Red Letter Days is nothing like the previously mentioned series. That, my adult readers, is not a bad thing. If you first stumbled upon this review via my GoodReads page, you may notice the lengthy time frame that it took me to actually read this book. That time frame (Sept. 20 - Nov. 5) is no indication of how much I enjoyed this book. It has more to do with the way I had to read it, which was on my computer. *sigh* I know that it took me a while to read it, but even with the awkwardness of reading Devil's Bargain on my computer instead of my Kindle, I was still determined to finish. It was simply too good to abandon. I really liked Jazz as a female lead. She had spunk and her loyalty to her ex-partner was admirable. James and Lucia were interesting characters too. They all fit well together and the combination of personalities worked along with the rest of the supporting characters that were featured.Even with the great characters and story line, Devil's Bargain honestly did start slow for me. I can't tell you exactly when it picked up, but when it did, there was no stopping it. I reached a point where I just had to know what happened next. That combined with the ease of Rachel Caine's writing and the wit that she infuses her characters with made this a very entertaining read. Don't expect sexy vamps or teenage angst because this series isn't paranormal (not exactly anyway) or YA. However, it is an entertaining read with a touch of romance and plenty of action, danger and mystery thrown into the mix.