Wolf Games - Vivian Arend I’m really loving the Granite Lake Wolves series, but I have to be honest here. One of the main reasons that I wanted to read Wolf Games was so I could get that much closer to TJ’s book without missing anything. I know, that’s really lame and not fair to Erik at all, but to be fair, not much was revealed about Eric other than he was the Beta of the pack. The first two books in the series concentrated on either the main characters involved or family members. Even Maggie was only mentioned in Wolf Flight. Who knew what Vivian Arend had in store for readers in this really sweet and quick read?Readers found out in Wolf Flight the kind of pack that Maggie and Missy came from. Maggie’s reluctance to join a pack, after all she experienced, is understandable. Erik definitely had his work cut out for him in Wolf Games. He turned out to be patient, kind and more than up to the challenge ahead.Unlike the first two book, this one isn’t as full of danger and intrigue. Most of the battles that take place are internal. That doesn’t make them any less intense though and watching not only Erik’s respect for Maggie and what she’s been through, but the rest of the pack’s as well made this a truly heart warming read. I really liked getting to know Jared and of course TJ just a little better.And speaking of TJ… *sigh* Wolf Tracks is next and I can’t wait to read it. From the first time he was introduced in Wolf Signs I fell in love with his uncoordinated, goofy, oblivious charm.