Kissed by a Vampire - Caridad Piñeiro Kissed by a Vampire was more than just a vampire romance. It was a battle between good and evil in both the supernatural and real world. A battle that turned into a real page turner.I’ve been in a series rut lately. It was kind of nice reading a book that was an enjoyable read and the story was finished when I was done. Not that I am going to turn away from my love of series books, it was just a nice change of pace.Alex was a career driven man, but not one who was out for money and power. His drive was justice and protecting the innocent. Falling for a vampire was definitely not something that coincided with that scenario. Stacia didn’t think so either. She lived for herself and thought that her days of finding love were beyond her. We all know that opposites attract, but Kissed by a Vampire took that adage to extremes. Even with the impossible odds, the relationship didn’t seem forced, it was totally inevitable.Stacia didn’t fight the relationship as much as Alex. His sense of honor kept his feeling reigned in. Watching the walls around each of these characters crumble and the sacrifices that each of them made was what drove this story for me. I’ll be on the lookout for more books by Caridad Piñeiro.