Wolf Flight - Vivian Arend Okay, I’m officially hooked. The Granite Lake Wolves actually had me at the end of Wolf Signs, but this book just reinforced my opinion.I liked Tad when he was introduced in the first book, but we really only got a quick glimpse of him. Readers found out he was a loving, over protective older brother, but that’s pretty much all we got. Tad was oh so much more than that.Missy was desperate, but knew more about wolves and how things worked within packs than Tad. She felt the connection between her and Tad, but she was blinded at first by the need to escape and protect her sister. She didn’t intend to find her true mate, but having it be the person she had always felt most comfortable with was perfect.Tad’s sense of honor was both admirable and frustrating. He was adorable in his shyness and I loved the way he was with the rest of the pack and his sister. The relationships between all of them just keep growing stronger and I felt just as strong a connection with Robyn and Keil as I did in Wolf Signs. I like it when a series moves on, yet doesn’t abandon previous characters entirely.The next book in the series is Wolf Games and it features Erik. The family connections haven’t ended yet, because the female in this one is Missy’s sister, Maggie. After that, we finally get to spend some quality time with TJ… that’s one that I can’t wait for. *sigh* Between Books 2 and 3, Vivian Arend has treated us to two novellas that are super short, but super hot. They’re only 10 pages each, so I probably won’t review them separately. First Howl features Robyn and Keil and Second Howl features Tad and Missy. They are worth a download though because what they lack in length, they more than make up for in heat. Just don’t read them before you finish Wolf Flight.