Bloodstorm (Heart of a Vampire, Book 1) (Volume 1) - Amber Kallyn Every once in a while I pick up a freebie that blows me away. That’s exactly what happened when I read Bloodstorm. The synopsis sounded interesting, so I decided to give it a try. It was totally worth it.Niki and Shane were great. Most of the characters in the PNR reads that I’ve picked up recently have had a male character act as the tortured bad guy who needs saving. In this case, it was a woman and she was everything you would expect from a tortured, broken main character who was seeking vengeance and then some. Shane was the level headed (at least he thought he was) keeper of the peace determined to keep his distance from the rogue vampire in his territory or get rid of her. Granted, it was pretty evident where this story was going to end, but it’s not always the outcome, it’s the journey that’s important and this story delivered.Not only were Shane and Niki great together, but the supporting characters were likable too. I loved Shane’s family. Even though we didn’t get to know all of them very well, the members that readers were introduced to were great. I even liked Jordan MacDougal, the king of the vampire clan. He was viscous and unforgiving on the surface, but once you got to know him… he still wasn’t someone I would trust readily, but he was fair and definitely kept things interesting.The world that was created in Bloodstorm was unique. It wasn’t just a world full of vampires and shifters, it contained magic and Native American lure which provided a nice twist on the typical vampire/shifter story. Basically, there wasn’t much I didn’t like about Bloodstorm. What makes it even better is that it’s the first book in Amber Kallyn’s Heart of a Vampire Series and book 2, Hungerstorm has already been released. Another bonus is that it features Jordan and a character that readers met briefly in Bloodstorm. I can’t wait to see what happens next.