Spider's Bite - Jennifer Estep Can I just say that this book was nothing like I expected? Not that I knew what to expect, except for the fact that I thought the author was going to have a hard time making me relate to or even like an assassin for a heroine. So how long did it take Jennifer Estep to make me become a fan of Gin? Um… probably less than one chapter. ;)Not only did I become a fan of Gin, but all the other characters that make up the cast of this book. I will admit though that I did spend a fair amount of time being irritated with Donovan. He judged Gin about as harshly as I did in the beginning. Once he got to know her though, he still didn’t let up on his attitude toward her even though he was attracted to her. It made me really want to smack him, but Gin’s acceptance of his opinion and patience with him even though his attitude hurt her made me like her even more.This book starts off at a fast pace and doesn’t let up. The paranormal aspects and the world building is great. The character development is amazing. (You know you’re in trouble when a character that you’ve only just met is killed and you are crushed!)Spider’s Bite is the first book in Jennifer Estep’s Elemental Assassin series. I picked it up so I could take part in the Elemental Assassion Series Read-A-Long sponsored by Ashley at Smash Attack Reads and Brianna at The Book Vixen. Each month either Ashley or Brianna will share discussion questions about the current book featured in the Read-A-Long.