Vampire Vacation - C.J. Ellisson Okay, it’s confession time. A long, long time ago (actually just a couple of years, but it seems like centuries) I was an active member of I really enjoyed my time there, but I soon realized that I was doing more reading than writing. I may go back some day. I pop in every once in a while just to keep my membership semi-active, but that’s another story. The real reason for this confession is is where I was first introduced to C.J. Ellisson and her VV Inn series. They were actually my first real experience with sexy PNR stories. Hmm… do you think I can blame my addiction on C.J.? Probably not, right? Anyway, I knew that the VV Inn series was on its way to being published when I was reading the snippets on, but when I stopped being a regular participant I lost track. You can’t imagine how excited I was when I saw Kendra at Reader’s Eden featured her in a giveaway! It was fun catching up with these characters. There are now three books featured in the series and Vampire Vacation is the first.Vivian and Rafe are a great couple and unlike a lot of first books in a series, this one isn’t about how they found each other. By the time we meet them they’ve been together for years. Vampire Vacation is more about what their life is like and how they deal with the current situations and mysteries they are faced with. The dynamic of their relationship is strong and it is based on their love and trust for each other. There are several other characters that are interesting additions to the Inn and the vacationers are also add an exciting dynamic.Vivian is a very strong, old vampire and she spends a lot of her time hiding exactly how strong she is from others. That isn’t easy considering that most of the visitors to their Alaskan inn are also vampires. It definitely keeps things interesting, not to mention the hot and steamy scenes that readers are treated to. *sigh*I really like the characters and both Vivian and Rafe’s personalities. I’m really going to enjoy getting to know them all over again. I just got a taste of C.J. Ellisson’s writing style when I was first introduced to her at Since then, not only her writing, but the story has matured. The other great thing I discovered is that she offers several chapters free at several venues. You can actually pick up Just One Taste to give you a taste (no pun intended ;) ) of the series and her writing style by following the link. It includes a very short story that introduces you to Rafe and Vivian and also the first half of Vampire Vacation. Enjoy!