Run the Risk - Lori Foster I have to confess that I am a new fan of Lori Foster. I have some catching up to do, because the only other book of hers that I’ve read was A Perfect Storm, which was the 4th book in her Men Who Walk the Edge of Honor Series. Like I said, I have some catching up to do. Luckily, Run the Risk is the first book in her Love Undercover Series so at least I’m starting at the beginning this time. ;)Logan and Pepper are great together. They both have their secrets and they are big ones. Not a great way to start a relationship, but the added tension keeps the story going. The attraction and between these two is intense and surprisingly sweet. They were the perfect couple to launch this series.One of the great things about Run the Risk is the depth of the characters. Not only did I become emotionally vested in Logan and Pepper, but I found myself just as interested in the lives of the supporting characters as well. Some readers don’t like it when author’s switch the POV between several characters, but I enjoy it. Lori Foster’s approach to the POV switch in Run the Risk works well. It left me wanting to know more about each one of them.Along with the romance, there were twists and turns, plenty of mystery and a fair amount of action. Pretty much something for everyone. This is definitely a series that I will be continuing.