Forever Werewolf - Michele Hauf This was a Harlequin Nocturne 2 Books in One feature. It’s the first one that I’ve read, although I do have one on my bookshelf that I haven’t opened yet. The two books weren’t connected but the mythology of Hauf’s ‘creatures’ was basically the same in each. I didn’t realize when I requested this one from NetGalley that Moon Kissed wasn’t the first book in it’s series and at least one character in Forever Werewolf is featured in a previous book. Even so, I didn’t have any profound feeling that I was missing something. I may feel differently once I check out the other titles, but for now it doesn’t bother me. Other than the fact that I want more. That’s nothing new though. Since the books are actually two separate pieces, I’ll give you 2 full reviews for 1 post. Appropriate, don’t you think?Forever WerewolfLexi and Tryst were an interesting couple to pair off. He was a lone wolf with no pack and a huge secret and she was, not only a life long member of a pack but royalty with her own huge secret. No was should they have even associated with each other much less become mates. That’s the beauty of the paranormal world though. Sometimes you just have to go with it.It’s kind of rare for me to read a book and only really like the two main characters. Some of them did semi redeem themselves by the end of the book, but honestly, there were only a couple that I can honestly say that I liked. I won’t give away any names because I don’t want to inadvertently influence anyone else’s opinion.All in all, I really enjoyed Forever Wolf. I liked the way she handled the wolf/vampire mythology and the hierarchy and rules that exist within the werewolf ranks. The romance was electric and given the circumstances, not forced. It was more a power of the wills between both parties. Especially since it was essentially a forbidden love. I’m sure that I will be picking up more of Michele Hauf’s books in the near future.Moon Kissed (Wicked Games #2)Bella and Severo were another couple entirely. Bella was a human and Severo was a werewolf who hated vampires. She knew this from the moment they met because he saved her from vampires during that meeting. Bella knew nothing about the supernatural world until that moment. Her life changed forever at that point and like it or not, she was thrown into it full force.What happened in Moon Kissed was both beautiful and heart breaking. By the end of the story I couldn’t believe what the author put this couple through. I kept hoping that it would go a different way, that there would be a moment where something miraculous would happen and change the inevitable. *sigh* Sorry guys, can’t really say a lot more because I’ll probably give something away. Just know that ….. yeah, I’ll leave it at that.I’m not sure about the other books in the series because I haven’t looked at them too closely but I do know that there is a follow-up novella to Moon Kissed. I will definitely be reading After the Kiss if for no other reason than to check in on this couple and make sure that they are still okay.