Messenger's Angel (Lost Angels, #2) - Heather Killough-Walden Messenger’s Angel is Gabriel and Juliette’s story and the second book in Heather Killough-Walden’s Lost Angels Series. The first book, Avenger’s Angel, laid the groundwork for this series and it was good, but Messenger’s Angel has me totally hooked and there is no turning back. *sigh*Gabriel is the loner among his brothers. He’s Scottish and prefers to spend his time there as much as he can. He loves his brothers, but there’s no place like home for him and Scotland is it. Juliette, unlike Ellie in Avenger’s Angel, has no idea who she is. She isn’t even aware of she has any powers until she accidentally heals someone. There are other people who are well aware of who and what she is and they lay the ground work for her to make her way to Scotland. Kind of a convenient scenario, but it works.Nothing about Gabriel and Juliette’s initial meeting goes well and from that point on the action pretty much doesn’t stop. Juliette doesn’t know who to trust or how to control her new found powers. Sam once again has his hand in the action and the Adarians are even crazier than they were before. The archangels definitely have their hands full.Beyond all the action, there was so much to love about Messenger’s Angel. Both Gabriel and Juliette had roots in Scotland and a true love of not only the countryside but also the architecture of the ancient buildings and ruins. Heather Killough-Walden’s descriptions brought it to life in an amazing way. The love that grows between Gabriel and Juliette was inevitable, but it wasn’t forced. Gabriel’s ‘courting’ of Juliette was sweet. He knew he had screwed up and his patience with her was endearing.I enjoyed getting to know the other brothers a little bit better this time, along with Max, Lilly and even Sam. As tricky as he is and as evil as I know he is supposed to be I just can’t quite hate him. There is definitely more to him than we know.The next archangel to find his archess is Azrael. He was one of my favorites in Messenger’s Angel and I’m so glad that his book is next. He actually finds his archess at the very end of Messenger’s Angel so his story is definitely going to be interesting and intense. Especially with the new info the brothers discovered. January 2013 can’t come soon enough. I can’t wait to find out what Death’s Angel has in store for Azrael and the rest of the archangels.