The Green - Karly Kirkpatrick I’ve been a fan of Karly Kirkpatrick for a while. Both Bloody Little Secrets and Into the Shadows are great YA Paranormal reads. Although The Green is contemporary, Karly’s style of writing and the story she weaves drew me in just as easily.Ari doesn’t have it easy. Her mother works two jobs, her father isn’t around, her older brother is a waste of space and she works really hard to achieve everything that she has. She’s a good kid with a strong sense of right and wrong and is mature beyond her years in a lot of ways. Things change though and those changes make her desperate. To me, that’s what made The Green so scary. Kids like Ari are just one decision away from tragedy and it happens all the time.The other characters in The Green were a perfect balance to Ari. Her mom, Javier, Nando, James and Naomi all played a part in shaping who Ari was and played a part in the decisions that she made.The Green was predictable in spots and it was wrapped up maybe a little too neatly at the end, but none of that took away from the story itself. There was tragedy, hard lessons learned but more than that, there was hope. I like that in any book, but it’s especially good in a YA read. After all, you can’t benefit from lessons learned if there is no hope.